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Different types of player have different types of casino games that they like to play. At Casino Scout we aim to bring you the best and widest variety of these games as possible. If you’re looking for all the information you need to play the best games available in the UK, then you’re in the right place. In addition to the quality reviews we offer, we similarly only highlight the best games available to ensure you enjoy the best possible online gaming experience.

The majority of quality online casinos will offer a wide range of casino games which should at least include the following;

Card Games – based on your traditional sit-down card games but played against both computer simulations and real players, most casinos will offer several variations of Blackjack and Baccarat

Table Games – like card games, other table games replicate the real life live casino experience and include dice games such as Craps and several Roulette variations.

Poker – unless the casino has its own separate poker gaming site, you should be able to find Texas Hold ’em and Stud games. Larger sites will also offer an even wider range. The popularity of poker means it is usually found separately from other card games.

Video Poker – the popular solo-gamers alternative to standard poker, video poker combines the traditional game with video slots gaming in an innovative way which has become hugely popular. Replicating the standard electronic machines, the online versions can be found in a huge number of different variations, some with exciting progressive jackpot prizes.

Whatever your favorite game is, you can be sure we’ve got it here at Casino Scout and can point you in the right direction of the site to use to get the most for your money and if you’re looking for the mega jackpots, we’ll let you know where to find them too.

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