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Gambling is undoubtedly a true entertainment in world but lack of good strategy can cost you higher. Whether you are playing roulette, blackjack, online slots, poker, live bingo or betting your favourite sports, having knowledge to increase your odds is imperative for a win-win situation. These casino tips and gaming strategies will make you learn how to play smart at the casino and gamble well. Here listed are simple strategies and concise techniques to reduce the house edge and invite luck to your corner. The article will help you in maximising your odds of winning and gaining an edge over your opponents.

Tips to win Blackjack

  • If you are having cards of 12, 13, 14, 15, or 16, you must take a hit if the dealer in showing a ‘7’ card or higher
  • Against a dealer’s card of lower or equal value, you should always split your 7’s
  • The cards of 4, 5, 6 can be split against 2’s and 3’s
  •  Do not miss to SPLIT two 8’s and ACES
  • Stand on 12 or over if the cards shown by dealer are 6, 5, 4, 3 or 2
  • Hitting hard on a card of 17 or higher is a complete No, but you may split it soft against a 10 of dealer
  • Do not ever SPLIT two cards of 10-value  or two 5’s
  • Always DOUBLE DOWN on 11.
  • Unless you are holding BLACKJACK (counting cards) never take INSURANCE
  • Keep emotions under control and do not blame dealer or other players for their strategies and moves.


  • The game being a high limit one, so you must be prepared to jeopardise a reasonable amount of your funds
  • Using the notation as B for bank and P for player draft a chart of baccarat game
  • Betting on the player winning is advantageous if the commission is more than 5%, however if it lesser, betting with the house is beneficial
  • Observe the trends for first few 20 to 30 hands of the game and bet single units for the same
  • Regardless of the circumstances avoid  standoff


  • Review the table and the game going on and accordingly with double odds bet the PASS line.
  • Keep picking up your winnings and make two COME stakes with twice odds
  • You can roll bet C and E (any craps and eleven) on the Come-Out


  • To win at Roulette, opt for a reduced house edge to 2.7% in single zero wheels
  • Instead of betting on STRAIGHT UP numbers stake SPLITS
  • The square columns or groups should be made to bet the first 12, second 12, or third 12
  • Make sure that you invest least time of about five minutes on even or odd or on black or red and make sure to get out of the play as soon as you make money

Video Poker

  • Be aware of your opponents and do not jump in tournament if you are a new player
  • As per experts opinion starting with at least 50times the table limit is beneficial
  • Do not ever throw away a winning hand and preferably play 9/6 machines
  • If the machine is a BONUS POKER or a PROGRESSIVE machine play only 8/5
  • Avoid playing play a 6/5 machine and play maximum coins always

Slot Machines

  • Unless the three coins machines are PROGRESSIVE, Stay away from them and preferably always play the maximum coins

Machines showing symbols of DOUBLE UP should be played and Look for at least 97.4% return or better.

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