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Playing roulette online fills gamblers with excitement and fun however, losing it leads to disappointment. Now, we bring to you some easy and simple tips to win the game and upgrade your bank roll making money over the long haul. These ten tips are surely going to be the part of your roulette winning strategy the next time you play-

  1. Play European roulette

European roulette offers the version of game that increases the chances of winning and if you are looking for online roulette tips to make you win more often, this is the beginning. Double zero which is popular in American roulette is eliminated in the European one. Thus, you have now less chances of not hitting the evens, odds or your favourite colour.

  1. Try a betting strategy

There exists no such particular strategy to bet and win online roulette that the winners do follow. There are many strategies that you can test out and try your luck. Many players double their bets each time they lose while lessen it when they bet, while many other players swear on by the opposite and raise the bet when they win while lowers the bar as they lose.

  1. Increasing the odds inside

To increase the chances to win bet, place your chips at right place on the roulette board and this way you can increase the chances of betting on various numbers and not just on one number. Place your bets on numbers closer to each other on the board with one single bet. Though you will not get as high payout as in single number, but this surely will be higher than playing the outside. It is one of the smart internet roulette strategies.

  1. Play the outside

If you drop $100 on a specific number on roulette board, the chances of your win and payouts for hitting your number spot will be only 35:1 and the odds will be 37:1. Thus, this surely is not one of the best options to keep with you. If you are really looking forward to have a tip to boost your bankroll, better play outside and keep the options such as betting red, black, even or odd, 1 to 18 or 19 to 36. These options of betting give you almost 50/50 chances of hitting and winning.

  1. Playing Multiplayer roulette

While you are playing roulette online, it does not mean that you have to play it alone. You can play live roulette and watch other players playing it. You can learn from the other players with whom you are playing.

  1. Keeping the percentage of your profits aside

If you are continuously betting everything you have, you might lose it all even though you have had win four spins in a row. The best online roulette strategy to play and win is to keep aside the percentage of your profits and not to bet on them.

  1. Play only at reputable casinos

There are many fake online casinos, thus choosing the genuine and reputable one to play at is recommended.

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