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Slot Machines

Slot machines, fruit machines, the slots, one arm bandits – call them what you will, the spinning wheels and flashing lights, the fast music, the chance for a big win – all these aspects combine to keep slot machines massively popular in casinos.

Beginning with small bets it’s a great way to build up a bank of cash, and you don’t need a big bankroll to begin play.

Generally the slots will have three, or more, spinning wheels inside and they pay out for a win when the wheels show matching pictures. Smaller wins can pay out if two matching images show, and the amounts increase depending on the image.

To play you insert your coin – or place your bet – and pull a lever or press a button; this sets the wheels spinning.

Tension builds as the wheels stop one by one, showing a graphic on each wheel. Three in a row will pay out big bucks!

The spin is randomised and each press of the button or pull of the lever has the same chance of a pay-out.

By far the biggest draw in a casino and an online casino, is the instant gratification of the pull or press that spins the wheels; this makes the slots a hugely popular option for all casino players.

There are no special skills, knowledge or tensely planned plays to be successful on the slots – all you need is time, a bet to place and the adrenaline as you watch your wheels possibly landing you a pay-out. The fact that no special skills are needed makes the slots a great choice for people new to casinos, and they’re a great introduction to the atmosphere and thrill of the casino experience.

Some fruit machines have a more complex style of play – building a bank by taking players through a series of levels of play before a win or lose – this is a modern computerised development of the traditional machines and they’re just as exciting, building the tension for the players before the result – and though the play may seem more complicated the essence of the game remains the same.

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